November 2, 2008

Dear Anonymous*,

You are probably not reading my blog, but if there's any chance for this message to get to you in due time, this is it.
I just wanted to let you know that Tapioca exists. In Poland as well, not only in Santa Mondega. We live by the rules of fiction. Everybody knows everybody. We rarely serve coffee, but we keep pace when it comes to beer. People may not have that much gravel in their voices - but this happens mainly because they are the good counterparts of those in Santa Mondega. The place is totally hidden, and it seldomly happens that new people show up. If they accidentally do, they don't make a habit of coming back. And we don't have a bottle of piss under the bar, but this is also because we - the bartenders - are somewhat kinder than Sanchez. And we don't have to be cautios about newcomers. They come and go.
In order for you to fully understand how Tapioca has a Polish version, you have to come visit us. I'd say it's a must... because the Bourbon Kid might find us first, and then there would be nothing left for you to see, and it would really be a pitty.
So I found the perfect opportunity to invite you here: next week, on Friday, we're having a costume party. Which is not related in any way to an eclipse - but here it's mostly dark anyway, and light in the bar is minimal. Still not sure if I'll go for the Catwoman costume like Jessica, or for the clown, like Kacy, or if I come up with some other option. One thing is sure: I will be there, behind the bar. Just in case you show up, I will have the bottle waiting for you. Looking forward to hearing those words - the key words - from a voice that has so much gravel in it that it could fill a pint.
No hard feelings if you don't come. I will assume you've had some prior arrangement. But there are no words to describe my happiness if you did show up. And I'm sure you'll agree with me, and discover the wonders of the Polish Tapioca.
All of my love,
Your biggest fan

Note: If you are reading this and you are not Anonymous but still want to make some sense of this letter, go check out The Book With No Name first.